Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Good Days and Bad.....

These last few months I feel like I've been bouncing from good days - where I feel like wonder woman and could take on the world to bad days - where I just want to curl up under my duvet and cry all day!  I know sometimes it's good to have a cry and that often afterwards you feel better and back in control, but I've been beginning to worry that there might be a bit more to it than just mood swings and new mum tiredness.

Although I had a quick birth with Sophi - I genuinely did bounce back to feeling like my old self afterwards. I kind of fell into the role of 'mum' relatively easily (like many of us do) and adapted to taking each day as it came.  This time round has been so much more of a struggle.

Maybe I underestimated the pressures that come with being a mum of two and the effect it would have on my own well being.  To be honest I've never been very good at the whole 'self care' thing, even before the girls I would never do things for myself.  I've always been my hairdressers nightmare - every time I turned up she would have a mission to sort my mop out. I would spend more time doing the food shop making sure everyone had what they needed than wandering round clothes shopping - I guess I've always put myself at the bottom of the list.

Lately, I've found myself looking at other mums on the school run -  you know the ones you see every morning that have their sh*t together and look stunning into the bargain. I wonder how it is they manage it? how do they have a smile on their faces and a glint in their eye? How do I become one of them?

So in an attempt to change the 'up and down' mood trap that I have fallen into I've decided to put my positive pants on and make some changes:

*No more looking at other mums on the school run - focus on my own sh*t and maybe it will come together

*Make an effort to make time for myself each week - a walk on my own, a bath and an early night, spend some time growing my 'blogbaby, anything that is purely for me.

*Accept the bad days for what they are - something we all have, they're not a sign of failing.

If you have any tips to share on dealing with good and bad days when you're a mum please comment below or find me on Instagram - @kinslowmrs2016.

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