Friday, 28 September 2018

Everbody's got to start somewhere right?.....

So this is my first ever blog post,  I've always enjoyed writing and hoped that one day I'd find the courage to put my little ramblings and thoughts out there for others to read.

A little bit about me.... I'm a married mother of 2 girls - a 6 year old (with the sass of a 16year old!) and a 12 week old that thinks sleep is only for the weak.

Something I've been asked a lot since the birth of my second daughter is do I think the age gap is too big?? Well at the moment its working fine for us - probably due to the fact that only one of them can speak so there's been no squabbles so far. Although I'm sure it will be a different story when the eldest is 12 and the youngest is 6 and there are fights over who gets the bigger bedroom and who gets to stay up latest, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

So why did it take us so long to have number 2.... well I guess like most people the time just wasn't right.  I've been with
Mr K for 9 years now and in that time we've both changed jobs, got married and moved house 3 times so life's been pretty busy.  Deep down I always knew we'd have another baby at some point (providing we were lucky enough) so in my head it was always a case of when not if.

Is it harder with two?
I wouldn't say it's harder it's just different - on a good day its twice the fun and twice the laughter on a bad day I go to bed feeling like I've been tag teamed in a wrestling ring and wonder how I will drag myself out of bed for yet another school run in the morning. But I'm a mum and that's what we do, right, we dig deep and carry on, we remember that no matter how hard it is its only a phase and we cherish every moment because before long the little one isn't so little anymore....

Has my relationship with Mr K changed since having number 2? Of course it has.  There's twice as much 'stuff' to do now.  Between making sure the washing pile isn't as big as the moon and that the eldest has learnt her spellings (something that's an ongoing battle!) there just isn't much time (or energy) left to invest in 'us' lately.  We both know that it's just a period of adjusting to our 'new normal' as a family of four and that one day it will all fall back into place.

Until then we are winging it as parents ....and as a couple ..... and we couldn't be happier in the chaos that is our life.

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