Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Mother and Baby group ...Not sure where I fit......

So tomorrow baby H and I have our very first 'You and Your Baby' class and to be honest I really don't know how I feel about it.  I know that its good to mix with other mums and their gorgeous babies but it's something that I really struggled with the first time around. I just find the whole mingling thing really nerve racking and my 'mumxiety' goes into overdrive.

'Will I be holding baby H properly?', 'Will she cry the whole way through?', 'Will there be a poonami?', 'Will I be the oldest mum there?', 'What if I just don't fit in?' these are just some of the many 'mum worries' that have been spiralling inside my head the last few days.  Deep down I know its completely irrational and that these courses are to help support mums and babies, but I can't seem to stop these thoughts - its like my first day at school all over again.

I'm not really used to feeling so nervous - after baby S I returned to my full-time job when she was 26 weeks old.  My career meant I spent most of my days working long hours, making decisions (without a second thought), organising other people's workloads, attending meetings and generally being under pressure and being accountable. That to be honest has always been the environment where I felt I fitted and where I (strangely enough) have felt most comfortable.

Since the speedy arrival of Baby H in July this year (a story I might just share with you all soon - leave a comment if you'd like me to) my priorities and mind-set have changed somewhat. I am enjoying my maternity leave this time around, I'm in no real rush to return to work and after talking it through with Mr K we have decided (we are lucky enough) that I don't have to go back to the full time job I had before. So I'm hoping if I can get myself out of this 'mumxiety' hole that I'm in at the moment that Baby H and I can join some other baby groups and really make the most of this time we have together.

Did you do lots of Baby Groups when you were on Maternity Leave? Did you feel nervous about it?  What tips would you give to mums that find the whole thing totally nerve racking?

Leave any advice or tips in the comments below.  

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